And that’s why so many disappointed Fox fans are telling Fox News, who likely count ‘The Tucker’ to save them are telling Fox, “So long, suckers!”

Tucker Carlson Uses Fox ‘Royal We’ To Smear Sidney Powell

By Judi McLeod

Tucker Carlson Uses Fox ‘Royal We’ To Smear Sidney PowellFox News top star Tucker Carlson allowed his own overblown ego to run away with him last night, all because Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell refused to share vote fraud evidence with him giving Fox the exclusive last week.

Carlson attacked Powell with the proverbial ‘Royal We’ in a style so aggressive that there are some who would now exchange the first letter of his first name with an ‘F’, dubbing him as F—-er Fox, or ‘FF’ for short.

“We asked the Trump campaign attorney for proof of her bombshell claims. She gave us nothing,” was his loudest lament.(Fox News, Nov., 19, 2020)

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Canada Free Press, CFP Editor Judi McLeod

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Another Day at the Office

By Bob Burdick

Another Day at the OfficeThis past Sunday, Ann, the Music Director where I attend church included a short video that       expressed thanks to the veterans of our country.  This touched my heart, as it has always done in the six decades since my active duty time in the United States Air Force (1954-58).  And, as it has done time after time in those years, it has given me pause to reflect on my enlistment time.  Just what had I done worthy of thanks?


Fox News Calling Giuliani “Aggressive” in Presser Not Aggressive in Calling Biden &#8220

By Judi McLeod

Fox News Calling Giuliani 'Aggressive' in Presser Not Aggressive in Calling Biden 'President-Elect'?‘Aggressive Giuliani presses Trump election challenge case in fiery news conference with legal team’.  That was the first headline on the Fox News front page following this afternoon’s press conference before it was changed to ‘Giuliani presses Trump election challenge case in fiery news conference with legal team’.

It was “aggressive” for America’s Mayor to hold a press conference to let Americans know how the Democrats are trying to steal Election 2020, but not “aggressive” for Fox to call November 3rd’s election for Joe Biden in Arizona while people were still voting, followed by being the first major media outlet to declare Democrat Joe Biden “president-elect”.


Joe Biden’s New Clothes 

By Peggy Ryan

Joe Biden's New ClothesIn the fairy tale, The Emperor’s New Clothes, an emperor hires two swindlers who claim they can weave a magical cloth that is invisible to anyone who is “unfit for his office or unforgivably stupid”.? The Emperor hires the weavers to make material for his councillors so he will know who’s unfit. ?

The swindlers work late into the night and pretend to weave on empty looms.? The Emperor’s prime minister and councillor are sent to monitor the work.? They can’t see the material but if they admit that, they’ll be exposed as stupid or unfit for office.? Instead they praise the work, say the cloth is beautiful, “What patterns! What colors!” ?


Believing the Big Lie of Socialism and Living It

By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

Believing the Big Lie of Socialism and Living ItThe date of November 3, 2020 will remain in history as the year when our Constitutional Republic died, and a government ruled by technocrat billionaires and a corrupt globalist government was installed. A narrow majority of Americans brainwashed daily by a globalist mainstream media, finally elected to the White House a declared socialist and a radical Marxist.


Did Obama Team Use Dominion Voting to Steal Canada’s 2015 Election?

By Judi McLeod

Did Obama Team Use Dominion Voting to Steal Canada’s 2015 Election?Did key members of President Barack Obama’s campaign team use the same Dominion Voting Switch-Vote election system used to steal the 2020 Election from President Donald Trump, to steal the 2015 Canadian election from Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, installing Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau as Canadian Prime Minister?

It seems that they did.


The Beginning Of The End Is Near

By Fredy Lowe

The Beginning Of The End Is NearAlthough many of my conservative colleagues, who take pen in hand, (and, of course, the reportedly ultra-corrupt GOP-Never-Trumpers) are now attempting to offer their ‘expert opinions’ on our current and near-term political future, not only by joining in the media-controlled-outcome with the President-elect Joe Biden crowd, but also using the nihilistic phrase, ‘now in Donald Trump’s final days in office.’ STOP! NO MORE BS!


Tucker Carlson Outs PM Justin Trudeau’s Plans for the Coming Great Reset

By Judi McLeod

Tucker Carlson Outs PM Justin Trudeau’s Plans for the Coming Great ResetIt’s no longer a matter of speculation or the stuff of conspiracies.  This coming horror is where world ‘leaders’  intend to take the masses:

“This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset. This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change.”Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, speaking to the United Nations on Sept. 29, 2020.


Jack Dorsey,  You Too Can Be President Elect

By Judi McLeod

Jack Dorsey,  You Too Can Be President ElectIt seems that Australian, long-time Canada Free Press columnist David Singer has got under the skin of Twitter CEO Jack,’The Jackal’ Dorsey, who has unceremoniously banned his Twitter account.

“Twitter has blocked my account citing 19 tweets (see below) that it claims violated their rules against posting misleading information about?voting.

“The tweets were virtually identical and were posted by me? in response to tweets posted by other people,” Singer emailed the Mother Ship this morning.



By Judi McLeod

#StopFoxNewsFromStealingTheTrumpVote!Much of America is now singing the FAUX (Fox) News Blues.

First: Fox News pulled an Election Night dirty by calling the election for Joe Biden in Arizona while people were still voting.  This was the Fox follow-up to their year-long skewed election polls hinting that President Donald Trump had no hope of ever being reelected.


The Pope Who’s Trying To Make Off With Christmas

By Judi McLeod

The Pope Who’s Trying To Make Off With ChristmasPope Francis,  former Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, who, through the orchestration of the Papal Conclave, stole the Papacy following the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI in February of 2013, is now trying to make off with your Christmas.

How does the Pope, of all people, go about trying to steal Christmas?


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